The "Reminder Bracelet®"
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For years, physicians have been advising us to drink eight,
eight ounce glasses of water everyday for best health.

The Reminder Bracelet® is ideal in keeping track of how many glasses of water you drink each day. Made of Sterling Silver, or Copper, , they feature an attractive sliding buckle to maintain count and serve as a fashionable reminder to drink plenty of water.

Available in three sizes:
Small - fits up to 6" wrist Medium - fits up to 7" wrist
Large - fits up to 8" wrist

Sterling Silver
 Yours today for $264.50!!
  MSRV  $299.99

        Yours today for $99.99!!
MSRV  $139.95

These are really hard to photograph... But here goes something!
You can see how the "buckle" slides to each number to help you keep track!

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